"Bursa Memory 2019 History and Cultural Traces of Bursa" International Exlibris Competition

Dear Artists;

As Bursa Culture Arts and Tourism Foundation, we aim to enrich the cultural and artistic life of our city with the festivals organizations, personal and mixed exhibitions, workshops, training programs, interviews and conferences.

This year we would like to introduce a different aspect/technique of the art with the INTERNATIONAL MINI PRINT EXHIBITION that will be held in the scope of the 58th International Bursa Festival. The aim of the exhibition, which will include examples of small print works, is to unearth on the historical and cultural traces of Bursa by taking of the technical advantages of printing.

This year, we are bringing in something new by organizing INTERNATIONAL EXLIBRIS COMPETITION together with the exhibition. The different samples of exlibris works, which is the graphic works that sticked on the inner of the book by book lovers with name and different themed pictures, will be evaluated by the International Selective Committee in the competition. The awards will be given to the winners at the exhibition which will open in 13 June 2019. We hope that the information which we provide in the attachment will give you an idea into the production of the work.

The cradle of Anatolian Civilizations Bursa and nearby has been the scene of settlements since ancient times. Memories and traces are present in every corner of our city. We believe that this exhibition, which will be held under the title of HISTORY AND CULTURAL TRACES OF BURSA, will bring a different dimension to the our city’s culture and art life.

As Bursa Culture Arts and Tourism Foundation, we will be an honor for your participation and contributions.

With love and respect

Fatma Durmaz Yılbirlik
Chairman of the Board of BKSTV

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