• 11 November, Monday
  • 10:30
  • Tayyare Culture Center
  • Free

Author: Cengiz Samsun
Director: Cengiz Samsun
Depiction Creator: Cengiz Samsun
Visionary: Cengiz Samsun
Helper: Hüseyin Dilan, Eray Sel
Age Group: 3+  Ages
Language: Turkish
Duration: 35 Minutes

Hacivat prepares potions to make dinosaur eggs in his laboratory. Karagöz who is fond of his throat tries to drink the elixir and spills it on them. When Hacivat and Karagöz open their eyes, they find themselves in the land of dinosaurs. It won’t be long before they realize they’ve turned into dinosaurs. To get out of this situation, they have to search for the Dinosaur of Egg and steal three eggs from it and bring it to King Dinosaur. But it won’t be easy. The Dinosaur  of Egg has certain conditions. In order to fulfill these conditions, Karagöz has to convince the audience to help. The play proceeds in a fantastic fiction between imagination and reality. High- paced, full of tension and comedy, the audience puts the center of fiction and rich visuality is a complete feast of imagination.