• 13 November 2019
  • 11.00 - 14.00
  • Konak Culture Center
  • Free

Author: Duygu Bayar Ekren
Director: Prof. Slavcho Malenov, Mitko Dimitrov
Puppet Creator: Duygu Bayar Ekren
Actress: Duygu Bayar Ekren
Age Group: 13+ Ages
Language: Non-Verbal
Duration: 40 Minutes

Our solo, non-verbal, musical and adult show us how joy, makes us feel good with its lightness and naivety. Puppets, which in different systems and representing different phases of life, are disappearing - reappearing during the show and memorize us to our playful nature while seizing us. Puppets are the ones who tell the best that there is joy even in a false reality that is created, imposed and lies. Maybe you shouldn’t take everything so seriously.