• 13 November 2019
  • 11.00 - 14.00
  • Karagoz Museum
  • Free

Author: Nevzat Ciftci
Director: Nevzat Ciftci
Depiction Creator: Nevzat Ciftci
Visionary: Nevzat Ciftci
Helper: Arslantürk Ciftci, Hüseyin Kaya
Age Group: 7 - 9 Ages
Language: Turkish
Duration: 40 Minutes

Tuzsuz Deli Bekir eats served ice cream with the scoop and drinks served lemonade with a bucket. Then he gets sick. He sent a short message to Hacivat and Karagöz, whom they considered responsible for this incident; asks them to find a cure-free, needle-free remedy before taking his mother him to the doctor.