• 15 November 2019
  • 11.00 - 14.00
  • BKSTV Stage
  • Free

Author: Cengiz Ozek
Director: Cengiz Ozek
Depiction Creator: Cengiz Ozek
Visionary: Cengiz Ozek
Helper: Sina Tehrani, Ilker Tansi
Age Group: 3 – 9 Ages
Language: Turkish
Duration: 45 Minutes

Did you ever throw trash in the sea? Did you ever think of when throwing garbage into the sea that what’s happens with this garbage... There’s a fish responsible for cleaning the seas! This fish has eaten so much garbage that it has become a monster, but it has a good heart. It eats all the garbage with a big appetite. He only hates the plastic bottle. It is very angry with those who throw them into the sea. Karagöz throws a plastic bottle into the sea. Garbage Monster rushes out from the bottom of the sea and stands against Karagöz. To be Continued on play.