• 11 November, Monday
  • 19.30
  • Tayyare Culture Center
  • Free

Author: Anonymous
Director: Cengiz Samsun
Depiction Creator: Cengiz Samsun
Visionary: Cengiz Samsun
Helper: Sinem Öztürk, Hüseyin Dilan, Eray Sel
Little Visionary: Visionary Little Ali (Ali Abel Samsun – Baby)
Musicians: Levent Celik, Hasan Hekimoglu, Ozgür Koban, Fatih Erdaş
Age Group: 18+ Ages
Language: Turkish
Duration: 50 Minutes

Çelebi asks Hacivat to  run  his  own  Murgzar Garden. Hacivat  gladly  accepts. But  he does not want to bring Karagöz into the garden. Karagöz tries to enter the garden many times; but it fails. In the meanwhile, Karagöz, who entered the garden with the Gypsies, the Gypsy Women and the Jews, came to the garden and was again thrown out of the garden.     In desperation, Karagöz goes to his house and takes his zurna from the house and comes       to the garden and starts to play the zurna. The novices, who are very fond of pleasure and  fun, let Karagöz inside when they hear the sound of the zurna. Entering the garden, Karagöz participates in the entertainment there. When he was drunk and started to throw cops, Karagöz was thrown out again, he took the guard to the garden and returned and panicked as if he was being raided. Everybody runs away, the fun goes away.