• 11 November 2019
  • 11.00 / 14.00
  • Burc Culture and Performance Center 2nd Saloon
  • Free

Author: Tayfun Ozeren
Director: Tayfun Ozeren
Depiction Creator: Tayfun Ozeren
Visionary: Tayfun Ozeren
Helper: Deniz Ozeren, Saadi Coker
Age Group: 4+ Ages
Language: Turkish
Duration: 35 Minutes

Children’s street plays have changed over time. Now it is possible to see children flying drones on the streets. The drone of the children hits the head of Karagöz in the street. From that moment Karagöz starts to dream. He was abducted to Mars. Of course, there is Hacivat too in his dream. They make a nice trip together. They land on Mars and learn that aliens read many books. They want to return to Earth, but this is not easy because of the spaceships land on the poles, Paris, Egypt and then Bursa. Karagöz who sees Hacivat at his bedside realizes that he is dreaming.