• 11 November 2019
  • 14.00 - 16.00
  • Baris Manco Culture Center
  • Free

Author: Mottili Theatre
Director: Mottili Theatre
Puppet Creator: Marie Donath, Ulrich Janczyk
Players: Marie Donath, Ulrich Janczyk
Age Group: 7+ Ages
Language: Non-Verbal
Duration: 55 Minutes

The 1920s, Memphis (Tennesee), Mississippi-Delta. A young plantation worker is leaving home and returns with an excellent guitar technique which nobody has ever heard before. People say that on a crossroad in Clarksdale, Mississippi, he met the devil. They say he sold his soul to be tought the secrets of guitar playing. This is the legend of the Blues guitarist Robert Johnson, performed as a shadowplay with kinetic silhouettes, soundcollages and live music. With the worldwide reknowned songs, the play of light and shadow, a poetic blues scene comes to life again to be experienced by young and old.