• 12 November 2019
  • 14.00 - 16.00
  • Karagoz Museum
  • Free

Author: İzel Seylani
Director: İzel Seylani
Depiction Designer & Creator: Ozlem Deniz Yetkili
Visionary: İzel Seylani
Helper: Hüseyin Kasapoglu
Age Group: 5+ Ages
Language: Turkish
Duration: 35 Minutes

The Secret Treasure is a play in which modern Karagöz typologies, animals and nature are presented to children in harmony. In its essence, it is a play that questions the concept    of wealth, emphasizes that all living things live in harmony and explains the importance of keeping nature clean and helping. Karagöz’s journey with treasure map; encountering people of different age groups, the adventure of pursuing a treasure in the Karpaz region, which is the most important national park of Cyprus, offers the audience a fun and exciting story.