Bursa Metropolitan Municipality City Theater

  • 14 October, Monday
  • 10.30 (Opening Play) / 14.00
  • Tayyare Culture Center
  • Free

Author: Mehmet Ali Acil
Director: Mehmet Ali Acil
Performers: Volkan Yıldız, Ipek Zeylan, Hakan Onat Peynırcı, Suat Onur Calık, Yuksel Hakverdı, Faruk Ogur, Serdar Soyer, Denız Gursucu
Age Group: +4 Ages
Language: Turkish
Duration: 35 Minutes

Magli is a very intelligent but mischievous, living in Puglia. Magli has never seen the city before. For Magli, his parents are a salesman, there is an opportunity to go to town one morning.Magli meets five people with different characteristics along the way. Thus begins the story of Magli and the Five Mischievous.