• 15 October 2019 Tuesday
  • 14:00-18:00
  • BKSTV Stage
  • Free

Author: Russian Folk Tales
Director: Anastasia Startseva
Performers: Marina Drozdova, Zhanna Hanzhina, Iana Chipushtanova
Age Group: +0 Ages
Language: English
Duration: 30 Minutes

There is so much forbidden to children.for example: it is impossible to go alone,  it can’t be taken because it is hot, but all of these bans are so attractive for children. Our story about what can be happen if a child breaks the ban.

The performance offers new reading of the national fairy tale. Actors present characters of a children, which tell us the fairy tale, creating heroes from improvised material, from all that were in the imagined nursery space: rags of fabric, paper, toys and even abstract constructions. The history of Kolobok is filled with flashing humor and amusing sounding!