• 16 October 2019 Wednesday
  • 11:00-14:00
  • Barıs Manco Culture Center
  • Free

Author: : A. De. Saint Exupery
Director: Engin Özyürek
Performers: Ayça Zeynep Özyürek, Engin Özyürek, Derya Şener, Ender Sakallı
Age Group: 7– 11 Ages
Language: Turkish
Duration: 40 Minutes

The narrator of our story, the pilot, is keen to draw pictures when he was a child. He is very impressed by the picture of a bull snake that swallows its prey, which he sees in a book about the wildlife and he draw that. But when drawing is not carefully considered, it does not attract attention by the elders because it looks like a hat. After the seeing that adults lost their imagination and creativity, our hero loses his enthusiasm and says goodbye to his dream of becoming a painter. Years pass, our hero grows and he chooses to be a pilot as a profession. One day his plane make trouble during the flight, makes an emergency landing and is stranded in the vast Sahara Desert. He is in trouble and falls asleep in the desert. In the morning of his first night in the desert, he awakens with the voice of the Little Prince. The Little Prince tells the pilot why he came to earth from another planet and what he had learned during his trip.