• 16 October 2019 Wednesday
  • 11:00-16:00
  • Konak Culture Center
  • Free

Author: Özer Tunca
Director: Özer Tunca
Performers: Burçin Demir, Can Girgin, Simge Girgin, Duygu Dikmen, Burcu Zeren, Abdullah Turkay Uzun, Levent Yıldırım
Age Group: +3 Ages
Language: Turkish
Duration: 35 Minutes

Hansel and Gretel are two sisters. They come to the park with their parents.

The parents are immersed in the conversation, the children unwittingly find themselves in the forest while they play. Various trees, animals (monkeys, rabbits, deer) for the first time they see alive. They play, have fun until evening. They are lost. As soon as they find a way out, they will spend night helpless in the forest.

They make a fire and fall asleep. They see their parents in their dreams and look for children in curiosity. The witch comes out and gives them food to sleep. When they wake up, they find themselves in the witch’s dungeon. The witch has bad plans. The children run away but encounter obstacles with each move.

Hansel stands against the Witch and saying NO, and then Gretel too. Thus, they overcome the obstacles set by the Witch and succeeded. In the morning, the fire went out. They wake up with the voice of their parents. It’s a dream. They also found the way out of the forest. They follow the sound.