• 16 October 2019 Wednesday, 14:00-18:00 Korupark Mall
  • 17 October 2019 Thursday, 18:00 Bursa City Museum Amphi
  • Free

Author: Claudio Levati – Niels Peter Kloeft
Director: Niels Groenne
Performers: Claudio Levati – Niels Peter Kloeft
Age Group: +9 Ages
Language: English Danish, İtalian , Mostly Non-Verbal
Duration: 45 Minutes

Shakespeare’s “Romeo&juliet” performed as puppet Theatre. Who could be shocked or lose his temper over that play? Oh yes, at least one. The depressed and suicidal Tonny who is in the audience. The Street Comedian Filippo must stop his Shakespeare Show and take care of Tonny, who is in a miserable state. But Our story has – unlike Romeo & juliet – a happy ending luckily.A story about a meeting between two cultures, - friendship, new beginnings, hope, beauty of life and simple things can make a difference.

Life is Good is performed in a universal international Theatre language with music, slapstic and body language. So, this is Street Theatre at an international level – for all ages and nationalities – and for rich and for poor