• 18 October 2019 Friday
  • 11:00-14:00
  • Adile Nasit Theater
  • Free

Author: Samed Behrengi
Director: Nilbanu Engindeniz
Performers: Süheyla Elbaş Zeybek, Nurettin Örük, Ayşe Dinç Yıldız, Sıdıka Derya Gümral, Ceren Kayış, Öykü Sendemir, Çağrı Dulun, Irmak Şahin, Iraz Hazel Körmükcü, Çağla Genç Özkaymak, Suat Çelikkökü, Tarkan Rast, Vedat Rast, Emre Usta
Age Group: +4 Ages
Language: Turkish
Duration: 40 Minutes

Little Black Fish thinks that life is not just about the narrow boundaries of a tiny creek. It wants to know different worlds , different lives and live freely. Little Black Fish living in a small creek with its mother; getting rid of the narrow boundaries of this creek, it wants to investigate what is going on in the world and the existence of other creatures. With the support of his knowledgeable friend, the snail, it takes a journey to the new worlds with permission from his mother and thus pushing his limits. During this journey he embarks on a lot of adventures and learns a lot about life.

Discover the rivers, the seas, the great lands and the different creatures.