• 19 October 2019 Saturday
  • 14:00-18:00
  • BKSTV Stage
  • Free

Author: Ali Bircan Teke
Director: Ali Bircan Teke
Performers: Burak Çağatay Serinbaş
Age Group: +15 Ages
Language: Non-verbal
Duration: 50 Minutes + Interview

The play consists of a story told by physical actions. Non-verbal and interactive. Confronted with the audience on the playing field, the actor encounters some obstacles to take action. Right now and here, among the audience, he becomes oblomoved because he does not pay the price of overcoming obstacles and reaching action. When he turns into an Oblomov, he sets new boundaries and creates a safe environment. The actor, who wants to cross the boundaries and live in a safe and comfortable place, is trapped between the action and the Oblomov. The preferences of the audience can guide him in this sense.