• 17 October 2019 Thursday, 16:00- 1st Session
  • 18 October 2019 Friday, 16:00- 2nd Session
  • Panorama 1326 Bursa Conquest Museum Conference Hall
  • Free

Workshop Leader: Ali Bircan Teke
Age: +18 Ages
Number of the Participants: 15 Kişi
Language: Turkish
Duration: 1st Day 3 Hours / 2nd Day 4 Hours
Participants: The workshop suitable for all professional and amateur theatre player who is over 18 years old.

Day 1: The first day of the workshop, which will be 3 hours, includes a theoretical discussion on the applicability of interactivity in the staging of theater plays. How interactivity meets the audience and in which conditions can it be adapted to  the texts will be added to the study with sample games. While discussing different examples of interactive thinking from Bertolt Brecht to Grotowski, Artaud, Boal and Traditional Turkish Theater, the limit of the work will be determined with as well as except that the audience directly is included with the word or body, implicitly activating the play with consciousness. In this sense, the participants will reinforce the meaning of the newly defined concept of ”interactive consciousness” through sample applications.

Day 2: The second and last day study, which will be 4 hours, covers the application nominal aspect of the previous study. The participants will be asked to implement the examples of plays given to them before the workshop in line with interactive awareness. The participants will demonstrate this practical work with the help of other participants. The effects on both the performers and the participants will be discussed.